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[21 Dec 2013|10:36pm]
It's called voicemail. Check it. Once a year would be nice. Once a week? Even better. Once a day? I'm askin' too much.
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[29 Jun 2011|09:18pm]
"This song? Should NOT be stuck on my brain."
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[29 Jun 2011|04:04pm]
"So that ring on his finger? NOT a wedding band. Not married. Never has been. Never will be."
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At The Pasta Factory [03 May 2011|09:46pm]
The scene made Ray sick to his stomach, with gnarled chunks of flesh strewn all about the industrial pasta manufacturing machine. The splatter of blood reached three to four feet away. Trying his best to focus, Ray circled the victim. There was no way he simply could have fallen into the equipment. Not all the way up to his hips. And certainly not feet first.

"I'm not eatin' raviolis for a week."
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